For data scientists

As the amount of data that data scientists must comprehend grows expotentially in real time, finding and sharing the valuable insights has become a daunting task. Using state of the art deep learning models, large amounts of data can be rapidly analyzed allowing data scientists to focus on higher level analyses and decision-making responsibilities.

For smart factory workers

Modern factories are being designed with myriads of sensors capable of continuously monitoring the status of factory lines and the machines which comprise them. Easy access to this information as part of troubleshooting processes built on intelligent assistance allow workers to more quickly and comprehensively resolve factory lines issues.

For health care professionals

As a global health crisis has changed the way we work, the ability for health care professionals to keep track of public health trends has become essential whether they work on-site or remotely.

An intelligent workplace assistant

Our inaugural product, Guru, provides workers an on-the-job intelligent virtual assistant which is able to leverage corporate knowledge systems providing a readily-accessible single source of truth.

Natural Language Processing

We fine-tune state of the art transformer-based deep learning models in order to process naturally formed questions.

Knowledge Management Integration

As modern enterprises generate immense amounts of proprietary data, modern workers will need intelligent assistance in order to reason through data and take critical decisions.

Data Sovereignty

Our platform is built upon open source architecture ensuring customers that their data is fully independent of Big Tech.